Brazilian Grapes


VARIETY: Vitória, Sable, Scarllota, Sugar crisp, Autumn crisp, Thompson, Sweet Jubilee, Isis, festival, red globe, ARRA15.

HS CODE: 080610


Vitória Variety:

Curls: Large, cylindrical or conical and loose. The weight can vary between 250 and 600 g.

Berries: Elongated, oval in shape.

Texture: The texture and consistency of the pulp allow the grapes to last for a long time at the point of sale, which makes them very attractive commercially.

Taste: Juicy berry, with neutral sweet taste and aroma.

Caliber: 16 to 19 mm.

Color: Reddish.


AVAILABILITY: We supply grapes from March to June and September to December.


Packing & Palletization:

  • Plastic bag & cardboard box

5 Kg N.W cardboard box contains 10 plastic bags X 500 Gm.

3400 cardboard box / 20 Pallets – Each Pallet 170 cardboard box


  • Punnet & cardboard box

5 kg N.W cardboard box contains 10 punnets X 500 Gm.

2400 cardboard box / 20 Pallets – Each Pallet 180 cardboard box

 Shipping: Reefer Container & Air shipment.


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