Brazilian Yellow Melon

There are different varieties of melon sold in Brazil. The most common is the yellow variety. Melons contain a wide variety of vitamins, like A, C and E, in addition to some minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron minerals and antioxidants, and they also make for a refreshing and healthy summer snack.

Brazil, with its favorable climatic conditions, is ideal for growing sweet, juicy melons and this has made it one of the top melon-producing countries in the world, as well as the leading supplier to European consumers. As of today, Brazil exports over 250,000 tons of the flavorful fruit to customers across the Atlantic every year and the demand keeps growing

Fruit weight: 0.830 to 3.5 kg
Type: 5/6/7/8/9/10/12
Shell Color: Yellow
Pulp Color: White
Other Information: Melon with smooth skin, firm flesh, high brix.

PRODUCTION CALENDAR: January to December.


Packaging: 5 kg box (5/6 types).
Box of 10 kg – 50×30 (types 5 to 12).
Boxes of 13 and 15 kg – eurobox (types 7/8/9/10/12).
15kg 50×40 box (5/6 types)


150 boxes of 5 kg.
70 boxes of 13kg and 15kg (eurobox) and;
72 boxes of 15kg (50×40).

Pallets/Container: 21

Temperature: 10ºC

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