Organic Frozen Scoopable Açai & Açai Sorbet


Acai is a grape- and berry-like fruit harvested from palm trees called trees acai, which is native to the rainforests of South America. Acai fruit is similar to other berries, contains antioxidants and fibre, and is widely described as a superfood, as many believe it is beneficial and effective for a variety of health problems, including arthritis, weight loss, and high cholesterol, and the acai fruit has many benefits.

Which includes the following:

  1. A rich source of antioxidants that are important to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals throughout the body, as the acai fruit contains an incredibly high amount of antioxidants, outperforming other fruits rich in antioxidants such as blueberries and cranberries.
  2. Improving cholesterol levels in the blood, by reducing total cholesterol and harmful cholesterol. In addition, the acai fruit contains plant sterols that prevent the body from absorbing cholesterol.
  3. It may have a potential anti-cancer effect, while there is no single food that constitutes a magic shield against cancer, there are some foods that prevent cancer cells from forming and spreading, and Acai is one of them.


AÇAÍ POT 220G WITH GRANOLA – Individual portion of Açaí Pulpanorte 200g.

AÇAÍ POT 220G WITH GRANOLA – BANANA. Açaí Pulpanorte 200g + 20g of granola.

AÇAÍ POT 220G WITH GRANOLA – STRAWBERRY. Açaí Pulpanorte 200g strawberry flavor + 20g of granola.

AÇAÍ POT 500G – TRAD. Pot with 500g of the delicious mix of Açaí with Guarana.

AÇAÍ POT 500G – BANANA. Wonderful Açaí mix in a 500g pot and with a banana flavor.

AÇAÍ POT 500G – STRAWBERRY. The perfect mix of Açaí Polpanorte with that special strawberry flavor.

AÇAÍ POT 1.02KG – TRAD. Pot with 1.02 kg of the delicious Açaí Pulpanorte with Guarana.

AÇAÍ POT 1.02KGBANANA. Pot with 1.02 kg of Açaí Pulpanorte banana flavor.

AÇAÍ POT 1.02KGSTRAWBERRY. Perfect mix of Açaí Pulpanorte with delicious strawberry flavor.

AÇAÍ with Guaraná & Banana (200g, 220g, 500g and 1.02kg)

AÇAÍ with Guaraná and strawberry (200g, 220g, 500g and 1.02kg)

AÇAÍ Zero Added Sugar (200g, 220g, 500g and 1.02kg)

Traditional AÇAÍ with Guarana (200g, 220g, 500g, 1.02kg, 3.2Kg)

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