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Organic Products are often associated with healthy eating and well-being. You may not be aware of its significance to society and the environment. Organic farming products are the end product of production free of unhealthy toxins. Agriculture certified as organic is proof that a greater good for the environment and society is being achieved. Because of its strict production regulations, the ecological balance of agricultural regions is restored, wood, animals and water resources are preserved and soil fertility is restored. By engaging in fair trade and having a beneficial impact on the living standards of the society in which it operates, it also has favorable social and economic effects on the neighborhood.

Available Packaging (Tetra Pak.): 1L & 0.2L – Tetra Pak.
Flavors:  Açaí, Orange, Grape, Mango, Passion Fruit, Cashew, Lemonade, Tangerine Juice, Tangerine / Apple, Grape / Apple.
BENEFITS: 100% juice. No added sugars, No preservatives.

ORGANIC COFFEE LINE – Pack (Kg): 25; 0,09 – 0,05; 0,25; 0,5.
Freeze & Dried Instant Coffee, Freeze & Dried Instant Coffee, Freeze & Dried Instant Coffee, Roasted & Ground Coffee, Roasted & Ground Coffee (Extra Bold), Roasted Beans Espresso Coffee, Coffee in Capsules Original, Coffee in Capsules Intense, Coffee in Capsules Moca.

ORGANIC CANE SUGAR LINE – Pack (KG): 1; 5; 0.25; 0,20
Crystal Cane Sugar, Demerara Cane Sugar, Whole Cane Sugar (Mascavo), Crystal Cane Sugar Sachet (50 X 5g), Demerara Cane Sugar Sachet (50 X 5g), Whole Cane Sugar Sachet (50 X 4g) (Mascavo).

ORGANIC CHOCOLATE MIX – Pack (0,4 KG): Chocolate Mix (pouch).

ORGANIC COOKIES LINE: Mini Cookie Chocolate, Mini Cookie Chocolate, Mini Cookie Vanilla.

ORGANIC CEREALS LINE: Corn Flakes, Eco Friends Choco Balls, Eco Friends Corn Flakes with Sugar, Multi Grain, Fibers, Granola Cocoa, Granola Traditional, Oat Flakes, Fine Oat Flakes, Quinoa Flour, Chia Seeds. 

Available Packaging: 300ml & 1L glass bottles
Flavors: Grape, Orange, Tangerine, Apple.
BENEFITS: 100% made with selected organic fruits; Pesticide free; Gluten Free; no added sugar, water or preservatives; rich in vitamins.



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